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PowerPoint for an iTunes Grahpical Music Selector (old version)

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  1. When you arrive, click on "Submit"
  2. When asked to install an Active X Control, please do so.
  3. At next screen, choose "DSL/Cable" and "MultiView" and then Submit.
  4. When asked for a login, use "friend" and "friend" for both log in and passwd.
  5. When MultiView opens, you will see two cameras. One is fixed and a high quality view of Golden Gate.
  6. The other is movable and a bit grainier. Make sure the grainier picture is in the big window, and then click on the "On" button in the left pane (click anywhere on the "on/off circle").
  7. This will turn on the controls.Click on the right or left arrow to make the camera move.
  8. If you click and drag the small photo into the large area, it will swap the photos.
  9. If you double click a photo, it will go to full screen. You can click once to return it to regular size.
  10. Have fun.

Click Here to download Eric and Antoinette's Tuscany Travelogue.

It is 11.6 MB, so patience please :-)